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Factomonitoring of disasters

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Catastrophe monitoring: aviation accidentsIn total, on 04/16/2024
119 AA were recorded, of which 38 aircraft crashes. In Russia - 62 and 5, respectively.

Aircraft accident monitor

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Factomonitoring of disasters

Introduction to Analytics

The wide range of sources and categories of events that are processed by the monitoring system of environment state implies separate processing of highly unformalized and fuzzy information. Technically, this is reasonable, because in the future, the algorithms should operate not with the content of news, but with its attributes. This issue is covered in more detail in the article "Theory and practice of the development of monitoring systems".

The result of categorizing the input data streams in the system is formalized reports - summaries by disaster category.

However, complete reports have great redundancy and ambiguity. Both are a feature of unformalized and relatively independent media channels. Analyzing such reports is also difficult. A search engine helps, which in context can reduce the amount of information for analysis.

Nevertheless, the system search tools cannot "take into account" all the specifics of a particular critical situation. In particular, these are interrelations between given categories or attributes of environment state information. In addition, only seven thematic categories of disasters are used in the paradigm of the present system.

They are very large-scaled and, at the same time, cannot cover all existing categories. Therefore, to create a complete picture of the past, current and/or predicted situation, it is simply necessary to periodically integrate different flows of facts and forecasts, focusing the attention of site users on important problems with implicitly expressed dependencies of actual events and emerging situations in general. To do this, on the site are used the web pages of the section "Factomonitoring of disasters".

The section in this version is not systematic and consists of thematic web pages that are formed "manually" based on the analysis of the entire volume of information about disasters, consequences, forecasts and causes of their occurrence. Information about disasters is collected, processed and stored by the web monitoring system "IDP-Analytics WM WM" in the process of monitoring the web space.



This page is one of the analytical conclusions of the web-monitoring system "IDP-Analytics WM". It is formed manually, but based on the analysis of news that is the results of scientific research, popular scientific publications or global forecasts of international, state, departmental organizations or local institutions for monitoring, forecasting and monitoring the state of the environment.

The facts of events, their parameters and sources are collected and stored in the summary archives and the monitoring archive. In this version of the site, the factmonitoring will contain only the final analytics. This is done in order to facilitate users ´ access to analytical conclusions and avoid duplication of information on the site as a whole.

The spectrum (color scale) of natural and technogenic hazards


Earthquakes - about seismic and volcanic activity

Critical temperatures and fires - about temperature anomalies

Epidemics and ecology - about epidemics and ecology

Accidents (not road accidents) and climate changes - about climate changes, accidents (not road accidents)

Road accidents - about road accidents

Floods - about hydrological anomalies

Hurricanes - about atmospheric anomalies

Alert informer-indicator:
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